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Spinelli Elementary School

Nurturing for Success

Counselor Corner 6-20

Staying home with our families all the time and not being able to go to school, see our friends, and visit the people and places we used to can cause emotional stress. The California School Counselor website has put together resources to help children and families stay mentally well during this difficult time.


Under “Mental Health” you will find many resources including hotlines and numbers to call in an emergency. If you click on “Levels” on the homepage you can select elementary, middle school, or high school and explore what is available.


The video below uses the Disney movie “Inside Out” to help children understand and talk about anxiety and feelings of sadness:

The video below was created by 5th-6th grade students to teach mental health coping skills:

Remember you are not alone; we are in this together and we want to support you.


Take care,


Anne Lyons

ERMHS Counselor for CJUSD

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist # 112443