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Spinelli Elementary

Mission and Vision Statements

Home of the Tigers
Mission Statement
     At Cyril Spinelli Elementary School all students are offered an educational environment designed to foster lifelong learning and create honorable citizens.  Students develop habits of the mind which lead them to be flexible thinkers, problem solvers, and team players.  The school environment promotes powerful learning opportunities, and provides rich curriculum in a variety of genres.  Activities are meaning centered and relevant, address various learning styles and encourage creativity, emphasize problem solving, incorporate authentic assessments, utilize technology, and reflect an appreciation and respect for cultural diversity.
Vision Statement
     Students attending Spinelli Elementary will develop their intellectual, aesthetic, physical, and emotional abilities to their fullest potential.  All students will become avid readers and active participants in the learning process.  They will be given ample opportunities to construct meaning from the challenging, culturally diverse curriculum.  Computer technology will play an important role by engaging students in standards based instruction.  Upon promotion from Cyril Spinelli Elementary School, the students will be socially responsible, effective communicators, problem solvers, and lifelong learners.
- Maintain a safe, orderly environment for all students and staff
- Implement with fidelity the State adopted curriculum
- Uninterrupted instructional time
- Frequent assessments and data analysis
- Communication between home and school
- Students attending daily, on time, and ready to learn
- A nurturing, caring educational environment